Help Us Launch this Film

We are asking for help in making this important, non-partisan and very timely documentary film a reality. Here is our is what we need:

Allies and Partners

1.  We need donations.  So far, we have raised nearly $200,000 from Foundations and many, many amazing individuals.  This is enough to complete the film, and we are seeking another $50,000 in order to make a serious effort at outreach and distribution.  That amount will make it possible to put this film in communities around the country where local services and organizations can benefit from this documentary.

For this we will need:

2.  OEF/OIF or other veterans of recent combat zones interested in helping connect us and the film to veterans and veteran's organizations around the country.  This will provide important networking, outreach and community building possibilities.  This could be a paid, part time position.

3. Older veterans who would take point in helping us make connections with the national veteran community. We are specifically looking for a Vietnam Veteran(s) who would be interested in becoming involved in the project.

4. Individual civilians and business leaders, moved by what we are doing here, to offer services, time or money to help in this outreach/distribution process.  Bring a showing to your town, office or club!